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Chapter 3: Trauma & The Brain: What Lawyers & Judges Need To Understand
by Alison Granger-Brown

This chapter provides a brief introduction to neuroscience and trauma in the field of legal advocacy. It also provides a short description of the development of the brain. The final section addresses how damage to brain functioning resulting from trauma can affect the justice system and provides recommendations regarding the implementation of trauma-informed legal practice.

Chapters in Published Books


Alison Granger-Brown, Gordana Eldjupovic, Amanda Staller, Steven Moore. The Spectrum of Motherhood in: Mothers, Mothering and Sex Work. OT, Canada: Demeter Press.


Alison with Brenda, Sarah, Martina, Tanya, Devon, Jennifer, Betty, Renee, Patricia, Mo, Kelly, and Linnea. Part II. Voice of the Mothers in: Incarcerated mothers: Oppression and resistance. OT, Canada: Demeter Press.


Gordana Eljdupovic, Terry Mitchel, Lori Curtis, Rebecca Jaremko Bromwich, Alison Granger-Brown, Courtney Arseneau and Brooke Fry. Chapter 2: Incarcerating Aboriginal Mothers: A cost too great in: Incarcerated Mothers: Oppression and resistance. OT, Canada: Demeter Press.

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"Holding Hope"

Alison Granger-Brown, Ph.D. is writing "Lora's Book": a book about a connection between two women - an Ontario Ojibwe woman incarcerated and then formerly incarcerated in B.C. and her connection with a corrections staffer who supported Lora's journey toward wellness.

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